Library Book Details

S. No. Department Total no. of Books in Book Bank Total no. of Books Available in General
01 C.D.D.M. 480 1017
02 I.T. 2883 5001
03 E.T.E. 2817 5118
04 M.O.M. 2126 2858
05 Misc. 1022 1761
06 Ref. 255 949
Sum Total 9583 16704
Grand Total 9583+16704=26287


Library Staff Details

S.No. Name Position
01 Ku. Neha Dewangan I/C Librarian
02 Mr. Satish Thakur I/C Asst.Librarian
03 Mr. Gandhi Netam Lab Attendent
04 Mrs. Jaimila nareti Lab Attendent
05 Mrs. Khageswari Kange Book Lifter


About Ggpolyjdp

The institute lies in a place of very high cultural heritage importance and a special geographical position on the map , BASTAR . Bastar is famous not only in the nation but its fame has taken it to a level of international importance where this world recognizes Bastar due to its varied cultural heritage.... Read More

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